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How long do you bleed after taking Plan B? three weeks
What happens if you take Plan B after 3 days? You can take these morning- after pills up to 5 days after unprotected sex, but they work much better if you take them during the first 3 days. Don't take Plan B One-Step or other levonorgestrel morning- after pills if you 've taken ella since your last period.
Can I start my birth control a week late? If you take your first pill within five days of your period, you're protected immediately. However, if you want to start sooner and your period isn't for a few weeks, you can still begin taking your birth control pills, but you won't be protected right away. After one week, the pills will protect against pregnancy.
What is the best birth control with the least side effects? Low-dose birth control pills may cause fewer side effects than higher-dose pills. Most birth control pills contain a combination of estrogen and progestin. Progestin is a synthetic form of the natural hormone progesterone. Combination low-dose birth control Ortho-Novum. Yaz. Yasmin. Aviane. Apri. Levlen.
Where can I get the contraceptive pill for free? You can get free contraception and condoms from: most GP surgeries (talk to your GP or practice nurse) community contraceptive clinics. some genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinics.
Does birth control make you more fertile? Birth Control Pills May Aid Fertility. The study found that the longer the women used birth control pills, the more likely they were to become pregnant within six months or a year of stopping use of the pills.
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