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Best way to get Bulk PoE Currency

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Swhobbin ha creato la discussione Best way to get Bulk PoE Currency
Here's a Poe currency guide for Path of Exile newbies. What is the best way to play BD? I hope to bring you some help.

Path of Exile Novice to play what BD best pioneering career advice, POE BD, after all, BD's core ideas determine the gameplay. Here are a few examples: the example contains the true meaning of BD.

You like the logging that is very proactive and very violent, killing the BOSS in a few seconds. You like to be steady, the speed of logging is not so fast, and the dog is the main purpose. You like a combination of skills that have a certain operational feel.

You like to be a big brother, let the younger brother to operate on your own, you like to kill a thousand self-destructive 8,000 operations, you like to use the money directly to slap people's faces, see the need to directly talk about it.

Recommended BD, high attack speed melee [second suck, mutual injury, not you die or I die], Ranger high attack speed projectile (power burst, ice arrow, lightning arrow, etc.) [ultra-distance full-screen clear map BOSS fastest One], Ranger - Yao Xia

When you are low and fast, you will not pay special attention to the high energy in front! Sudden death is a common thing, but you can persist without being able to break it! (Basically 90 level + fit can reflect the BD should have Powerful.) Totem, yes, it's a totem. You can have 1 totem or multiple totems. You can cast a totem or a grand totem (an ancestor) or a remote totem.

Totem is steady, no reason, physical talent is particularly high, and the panel injury is huge, the same level 70 totem can play T10 or even higher but it doesn't make much sense to open the map. Other professional 70 hit T10 is not necessarily stable. Over the BOSS.

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