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Is the pill past its sell-by date? The once-a-day pill may become obsolete after almost 60 years. There are more than three million prescriptions for the pill annually in the UK. Yet there are growing concerns that GPs are too reliant on it, leaving women missing out on more effective alternatives.

Is My Restaurant Rules coming back to screens? My Restaurant Rules hasn't appeared on Australian TV screens for almost five years. But it appears the cooking show could be making a comeback.

Shocking moment woman refuses to get off Delta flight after boarding without a ticket or ID. The woman, named as Sylvia Rictor, pictured, declined to give up her seat when its assigned passenger arrived on flight 1516 at Orlando International Airport Saturday. Government watchdog faces investigation after accrediting homoeopaths who offer a 'cure' for autism. The Professional Standards Authority, who regulate practitioners in the UK, accredited The Society of Homeopaths in April. Some of its members practice Cease therapy. Mourning Humble Uncle Kwok, 83, Killed in Chinatown Rampage. He was among four homeless men beaten to death on Saturday. Our friend and brother, read a note left at a memorial. Demi Moore Shares a Peek Behind the Scenes of Her No. 1 Best Seller. The Hollywood legend gets real really real on fame, family, love and what it was like to write a book.

Before Watchdog Mission, a Trail of Videos Warned of Chlorine Gas Attacks in Syria. The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons said that it was sending a mission to Syria, where activists have been posting video showing civilians coughing and struggling to breathe after attacks. Is GDP is a good measure of well being lovesingles.space/2569/what-is-a-good-dating-site Who is the voice of the TripAdvisor owl A Barbados guide - the restaurant Gary Lineker likes, the festival Rihanna loves and the best hotels. Movie producer Frank Mannion reveals the gems, from the eatery Michael Caine dines at to the festival Rihanna loves. He also unearths a Benedict Cumberbatch connection to the island.

From Ben Elton's first stand-up tour in 15 years to World On Fire on TV and Prism on stage, 7 Events. The king of alternative comedy returns to his first love - stand-up - as he hits the road for the first time since 2004. Highlights From The New York Times Food Festival. Watch panel discussions with cooking experts and Times journalists as they tackle the biggest food issues of today. The N.F.L.s Quarterback Youth Movement Has Its Growing Pains. With more quarterbacks under the age of 26 thrust into starting roles, their teams find renewal, frustration and everything in between.

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