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Charge based on gear in the Osrs gold

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2 Mesi 4 Giorni fa #62027 da bestrsgoldfast
bestrsgoldfast ha creato la discussione Charge based on gear in the Osrs gold
Charge based on gear in the Osrs gold chest since they are and keep untradables. This could be far better imo. Also, ToB should remain in case you fucking die in a place that requires you longer than 15 min to get to as it is currently.What? Like expiring at bandos and showing up without a hammer to the doorway and having to run back. I know that doesn't take 15min to do but forgetting something that helps get that area would suck.

RuneScape game completely requires gold/item sinks....but, I really do concur that the 15 timer to operate back is kind of absurd - I like the concept of owning a torso in your death spawn and paying directly on the place. I feel like RuneScape players can access just about anywhere in RuneScape game within 5 minutes, so this really only hurts people which don't have as much match experience/knowledge. If that is put into match if you get back to your death spot within 3 minutes or something however, they ought to make it there is no death fee charges lol.

I have played RuneScape game it began with taking free trade and completely taking away the jungle which made me leave RuneScape game supporting, came back a year and break. The incorrect bans for Buy Runescape gold players that have played their accounts for the account safety, years and lack of customer care. Two weeks ago I cancelled my membership, although don't get me wrong, I've had fun with all the bosses, raids etc, I refuse to play a game that's handled by those who don't enjoy its RuneScape player base.

Why is it I can't read one of these posts which are contrary to the modifications without it sounding just like the OPs are only whining about it.I just know a few bosses, but I am all for the suggested changes to make deaths feel more meaningful. Go with an escape path, or take that you need to pay a fee to recoup your equipment. The majority of the costs are not that much as they'd explained in the post.

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